Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Der Deutschklub am Hanover College

The German Club at Hanover College is run by students of German and those interested in any aspect of the German-speaking cultures, history and languages. Students across campus join for a variety of activities throughout the academic year, including Koch-/Backabende (cooking and baking events), Kaffeestunden (coffee hours), Liederabend (song evenings, where we sing and/or share songs and discuss the lyrics), Spaziergänge auf dem Campus (walks on campus) for German conversation, Wandertage (hiking days) in German, Lesegruppen (reading groups) and more. Future events in the works include visiting the Cincinnati shop at Jungle Jim's and eat at the Hofbräuhaus and German Immersion Weekends (on delay due to the pandemic). We collaborate with other student groups on campus to put on intercultural and cross-cultural events.

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Come share your ideas and interests in the German-speaking cultures! Wir freuen uns schon darauf. Bis bald!

  • Sonntag Frühstück/Mittagessen (Sunday Breakfast/Lunch) - students select a menu and prepare and enjoy a German-style meal. To be offered (at least) once a month with conversation in English and/or German. Everyone is welcome!
  • Kaffee und Kuchen (Coffee and Cake) - students interested in baking will choose a cake recipe and prepare it in advance of the coffee hour. Then we will hold a typical coffee hour, including coffee, teas and hot chocolate with conversation in German. To meet once or twice a month, depending on interest.
  • Liederabend (Song Evening/Recital) - we will discover German music from all genres, and students interested in performing are encouraged to do so, whether singing, playing an instrument, and/or karaoke-style. To meet once every month or every two months. Additional practice sessions will be scheduled as there is interest. Conversation in German and/or English--everyone is welcome!
  • Lesegruppe (Reading Group) - reading for fun with children's books, comics, graphic novels, and more! Books will be chosen to be at or below students' levels to increase enjoyment in reading (rather than having to look up every other word!). With conversation in German. To meet once or twice a month, depending on interest.
  • Spielrunde (Round of Games) - we have a great collection of German board and card games to play with and practice the language. Conversation in German.
  • Wandertag (Hiking Day) - to be held on a weekend day at Clifty Falls State Park with conversation (and songs!) in German. To be held with good weather!
  • Spaziergang auf dem Campus (Walk on Campus) - We'll take a break from classes and homework and go for a walk on campus and speak German. To be held with good weather!
  • Stammtisch (Tribe Table) - traditionally meets at a restaurant and everyone sits around a large table to share food and drink and speak German. Perhaps the Shoebox? Schedule TBA.
  • Deutscher Tisch (German Table) - You don't have time for extra activities? We'll meet during lunch or dinner in the CC and practice speaking then. Schedule TBA.
  • German Immersion Weekend - a mini off-campus immersion experience. Students sign an agreement to speak only German during the weekend. We'll cook meals together, play games, go on hikes, watch films. Students of all levels welcome--bring a dictionary! Find creative ways to communicate when words are few!

Last updated on 1/12/21.