Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
The French Program

Knowledge of French will prepare you for interactions with people from fascinating countries on five continents. French is spoken by over 200,000,000 people as a first or second language and has the status of official language in 32 countries and governments worldwide. French is an official language of international agencies and organizations such as the International Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the International Olympic Committee, the African Union, and the European Union.

The goal of our department is to prepare students to be responsible, curious, and respectful global citizens with skills in critical thinking and problem solving. As you learn to observe and to understand ways of life through the cultural lens of a different people, you will have a door opened to richer participation in diverse communities. Benefiting from both personal enrichment and career opportunities, French speakers are in demand in a variety of professional fields such as health care, media, tourism, science and technology. To these ends, the French faculty recommends that each major and minor participate in a study abroad experience.

Enjoying the view from the Cathedral in the city of Tours

Our courses appeal to a variety of interdisciplinary interests, featuring emphases on literature, culture, business, conversation, and film. It is easy to combine your passion for French with other disciplines as we participate in academic programs such as the Business Scholars Program, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Film Studies. Our graduates have chosen successful careers in fields such as law and social work.