Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
The German Program

At Hanover, you can develop your own pathway with German based on your interests. With major and minor options in German and German Studies, you can focus on advanced language acquisition and study abroad, or take interdisciplinary courses in the History, Music, and Philosophy Departments toward your degree. If you would like to become a P-12 teacher, you can double major in German and Education and complete a teaching internship at a local school. German classes also count as electives in the Business Scholars Program and the International Studies Program. Connect German with your own interests! Our curriculum is based on anti-racist approaches and focuses on inclusive, intercultural and interdisciplinary topics to prepare you for a global citizenship.


The German Department collaborates with faculty across campus to offer current and innovative co-curricular activities and courses. In a recent project, students translated letters by a German-American settler for use in a history class, and in a future May Term (TBD), we will team up with the Theater Department to put on a German play in both English and German. The Chemistry and German Departments also plan to team up in the near future to take students to Germany for a class on fermentation and brewing! Join the faculty-led German Club to participate in co-curricular language and cultural activities! German-speakers from across campus and our greater communities are welcome to attend events.

Study Abroad

As part of the German and German Studies programs, we offer two study abroad opportunities, one during Spring Term, and another as a semester-long study abroad program at our exchange university in Marburg, Germany. The German faculty strongly encourages all majors and minors to participate in a study abroad program.

Why German?

Knowledge of German, as part of a liberal arts education, will enrich your life by giving you a path towards global citizenship: you will value diverse perspectives and develop an awareness of and commit to working toward social justice and equity. Our students have pursued careers in government service, law, business, medicine, teaching, social work, and music (see our alumni page).

Come learn about the German language and cultures through fairy tales, films, literature, music, plays, poems, translations and more...and write and perform your own!

Last updated on 1/18/21.