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Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Spanish Major

There are many reasons why you should consider majoring  in Spanish, but here are two of the most important ones:

The United States is the fourth largest Spanish speaking country in the world right now. Being able to speak to 15 % of the
United States population in either of two languages will greatly enhance your own opportunities not only for employment and advancement but also for enjoyment of life.

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Four  hundred million people speak the language in 21 countries. Imagine the rich diversity of history, cultures, literature, and traditions that you will enjoy by majoring in Spanish!

Do not forget that people who speak a second language have a much larger world than those who do not!

Required Courses for Major. (This major requires a total of 9 courses including the Culminating Experience.)

Spanish 227 or 228 Conversation (Off-Campus or On-Campus)
Spanish 230 or 231 Civilization and Culture (Spain or Latin America)
Spanish 319 Stylistics and Composition
Spanish 320 Introduction to Literature
One course from Spanish 327,328, 329, 336,428,429 or 436 (Spanish Culture and Literature)
One course from Spanish 330,331,337,339, 337, 430, 431 or 439 (Spanish American Culture and Literature)Electives:

Two other Spanish courses above Spanish 217 
One course at the 4XX level (either 428, 429,430,431,436 or 439)

Culminating Experience: Spanish 457 (Academic Internship) or Spanish 471 (Senior Thesis) or Education 455/456 (Student Teaching in Spanish).

Comprehensive exam with passing grade