Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

The goal of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Hanover College is to prepare students for responsible participation as citizens in the global community by offering them opportunities to gain an understanding of other cultures, as well as the ability to communicate within those cultures.

All Hanover students must satisfy a language requirement for graduation. In addition to developing and refining their language skills, students at Hanover expand their cultural awareness through the study of civilization, culture and literature and by participating in Department Current Events. Students can apply and enhance their skills, experiencing the culture directly, through a variety of Off Campus Study programs . Foreign language study will not only contribute to a student's value in the job market, but will also enrich his/her perspective on life.

Hanover College offers majors and minors in the following modern languages: French, German, and Spanish. Also, you can study the ancients in their original languages. Classical Studies offers courses in Latin and Greek. You may meet and contact our Majors yourself, if you wish.

Summer Internships are available through a program coordinated by International Cooperative Education in Menlo Park, CA. This program offers international employment opportunities during the summer in French and German-speaking Europe. For more information, visit the Careers page.