Spanish Tutors


Coordinated jointly through the Learning Center (Duggan Library) and the Spanish Faculty

(From September 5 until December 11)

If you need help:

  • Learning strategies that help you memorize vocabulary
  • Understanding specific grammatical structures or readings
  • Practicing for an oral presentation or an interview
  • Reviewing for a quiz or an exam

Make an appointment with the tutor assigned to your level and section:


SPA 115: Beginning Spanish I

Section A: Dr. Buckwalter




Section B: Dr. Zullo

Section C: Dr. Reyes



Elaine Simpson




Thomas Doering


SPA 116: Beginning Spanish II

Section A: Dr. Dollmeyer



Sections B & C: Dr. Dollmeyer





Sections D & E: Dr. Criado


Elaine Simpson


Emma Jones




Madison Conway

SPA 217: Intermediate Spanish I “Spanish Speaking World”


Sections A & B: Dr. Santa Cruz






Wilda Knecht


SPA 219: Intermediate Spanish II: “Hispanics in the U.S”

Section A: Dr. Criado

Section B: Dr. Reyes




Ana MarĂ­a Zapata

SPA 228: Conversation

Dr. Buckwalter


Ileana Correa


Awilda Rodriguez





SPA 230: Cultures of Spain


Dr. Dollmeyer




Rebecca Duke


SPA 319: Stylistics & Composition


Dr. Reyes



Rebecca Duke



  • We strongly recommend that you meet with the tutors on a regular basis if you obtain a C or lower in your first quiz, exam or essay.
  • Ask your tutor specific questions. Telling him/her that you do not understand anything will make it harder for him/her to find ways to help you.
  • Tutors are not allowed to proofread your essays or papers. However, you can ask for help if you have a particular specific questions regarding vocabulary or grammar.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Craido (7207) or Professor Kay Stokes (6876)