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The French Department has arrangements for tutoring for French students needing help. You are encouraged to avail yourself of this opportunity. Below is a list of the qualified tutors who will assist you without cost. You are to contact the tutors in advance of your need for help and not just prior to an exam or an important quiz when they might be occupied with other students as well as their own personal obligations. Though there are no assigned locations and times for the tutoring sessions, you may arrange these matters individually with the tutor(s). Note that there is much flexibility allowed to suit everyone's schedule. Also note that there is no official tutoring on Fridays and Saturdays. However, should either of these days be the only options for you, special arrangements can be made with your tutor for a mutually convenient time and place to work together on weekends.

Note that tutors are not allowed to do your homework nor write or re-write papers. They are there to help you with grammatical concepts, questions you may have, needed explanations and clarifications of corrections made on quizzes or tests and similar assistance. For budgetary reasons, please note that each tutor is limited to forty-five minutes of tutoring per week. Consequently, you are encouraged to move freely from one tutor to another. Note also that the tutors listed below have been selected and approved by the French Department. If you seek assistance from students other than those cited below, you will be personally responsible for any financial fees encountered.

It is your responsibility to come to your work sessions well prepared with all necessary materials: textbook, cahier, dictionary if needed, and specific questions or problems you might have. For our department records, you are to sign an attendance sheet for each visit along with your time of arrival and departure. Be on time and should you need to cancel a planned work session, inform the tutor in advance whenever possible. Should you have additional questions please contact Dr. Kirkland, x-6878 or


You are responsible for keeping attendance complete with dates, times, and signatures of students seeking assistance. You are also expected to abide by the arrangements made with students requesting your help and to refrain from doing their homework or writing or editing any papers required of the students. Your task is to focus on problems and specific grammatical or conversational difficulties the students may have. Should you need additional information please contact Dr. Kirkland, x-6878 or

Current Academic Year Tutors [E-mail to Set Up An Appointment]

Hannah Bowen

Sarah Love

Will Masters