There are many career and educational opportunities for a foreign language student. These involve summer internship programs as well as a wide variety of possible careers. Hanover foreign language graduates have been employed by a wide variety of different firms and have attended many different graduate schools. The information below provides some information about each of these categories.

Summer Internship Programs

The program coordinated by International Cooperative Education offers international employment opportunities during the summer in French and German-speaking Europe.

The fields of employment cover a broad spectrum, placing students into a variety of businesses, such as banks, department stores and supermarkets, as well as research institutions. The goal is to match the interests of the students with the needs of the employer, while providing an opportunity for cultural immersion.

The length of the summer internships ranges from three weeks to three months and salaries vary from employer to employer, but usually cover expenses for room and board.

For more internship opportunities and career advice, visit the Hanover College Career Center.

Sample Career Placements

These are some of the career paths followed by Hanover Modern Language Alumni.

A. C. Nielsen Global Information Service, Chicago

Deutsche Telekom, Inc., Chicago

Department of Defense, Atlanta

Disneyland, Paris

Association of International Student Exchange

English Teacher, Prague, Czech Republic

Holland America / Westours, Anchorage

Peace Corps, Africa and South America

Secondary Language Teaching throughout the Midwest

Microsoft, Paris, France

Resorts International, Indianapolis

Sample Graduate Schools

These are some of the Graduate Schools attended by Hanover College Modern Language Majors.

Miami University
Middlebury College
Purdue University
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Cincinnati
Thunderbird School of International Management
University of Louisville
Brandeis School of Law

Careers for the Modern Language Major

These are suggestions for the types of careers one can expect to pursue with a major in a Modern Language.

Advertising Copywriter
International Trade Specialist
Radio / Television Announcer
Flight Attendant
Translation Serice Company Owner
Interpreter Guide or Escort
Hotel Employee
International Banker
Foreign News Correspondent
Foreign Film Dubber
International Conference Planner
Peace Corps Volunteer
Customs / Immigration Officer
Radio / Television Script Writer
Foreign Language Shorthand Reporter
Foreign Student Advisor
Immigration Inspector / Agent
Intelligence Researcher
Cultural Officer
International Consultant
UNESCO Official
Copy Editor
Customer Service Representative
Police Officer
Social Worker
Technical Writer
Restaurant Manager
CIA / FBI Agent
Public Health Administrator